Kersio Capital Sicav SA S3652:SM


ISIN: ES0179463007

Kersio Lux - Kersio Equity KEREQAE:LX


ISIN: LU1476746869

Vall Banc Fons Kersio - VALBAFK:AD


Kersio AV, Securities Agency, was born in 2019 with the aim of managing Kersio Capital’s portfolios in Spain and Kersio Luxembourg as well as advising Vall Banc Fons Kersio’s portfolio in Andorra. Registered in the CNMV under number 287.

Started in 2013, Kersio Capital Sicav, domiciled in Madrid, currently manages 55 million euros. From its inception in February 2013 to June 2021 the average annualized return has been 11%.

Started in 2017, Kersio Lux, domiciled in Luxembourg, currently manages 54 million euros.

Finally, since mid-2018 and as a result of an agreement with Vall Banc, we advise the Vall Banc Fons Kersio, currently with 8 million euros.

The three vehicles are governed by the same investment philosophy and have very similar portfolios.